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Emanuel Law Outlines for Property, Tenth Edition

  • Steven L. Emanuel
Series / Emanuel Law Outlines Series
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Emanuel® Law Outlines for Property, Tenth Edition, by Steve Emanuel focuses on those topics that are important in today’s Property courses and includes an abundance of short-answer and multiple-choice questions and answers as well exam tips.

New to the Tenth Edition:
  • Greatly expanded discussion of the “fair use” defense in copyright law
  • New and detailed coverage of the prohibition on unreasonable restraints on alienation when land is conveyed
  • Treatment of “heirs property” and the enactment of the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act to redress the unfair impact of judicially supervised partition sales of heirs property (especially rural agricultural land fragmented into small tenancies-in-common as the result of multiple generations of intestate succession)
  • Expanded coverage of the Fair Housing Act, including (a) the Act’s application to housing discrimination based on the sexual orientation of tenants and (b) the Act’s use in cases involving landlord liability for failing to combat tenant-on-tenant harassment against protected categories of tenants
  • Coverage of recent Supreme Court cases on the Taking Clause of the Fifth Amendment, including a case on temporary physical occupation and a case on how the “denial of all economically viable use” doctrine is to be applied to scenarios involving multiple adjacent lots

Students will benefit from:
  • The detailed course Outlinewith black letter principles that supplements student’s casebook reading throughout the semester and gives structure to their own outlines
  • The Capsule Summary that provides a quick reference summary of the key concepts covered in the full outline and will prove invaluable at exam time
  • The Quiz Yourself feature that includes a series of short-answer questions and sample answers to help students test their knowledge of the chapter’s content
  • Multiple-Choice Questions in the style of questions on the Multistate Bar Exam (with detailed answers) that will help build students’ exam taking skills and confidence
  • Checklists that help students review key issues
  • The Casebook Correlation Chart that correlates each section in the Outline with the pages covering that topic in major casebooks
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