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Aspen Legal Education Insider

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Preparing for Law School? random
Preparing for Law School?
Are you preparing for law school but feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that lie ahead? The beginning of law school can be a bit daunting, and you're not alone in this feeling. At Aspen, we’ve been through this with thousands of students so we can help! There are many resources available to help you navigate this new and exciting chapter of your academic journey. Some common feedback we've received includes: it's unlike any school you've experienced before! You'll need to familiarize yourself with many new terms, engage in extensive case reading and briefing, and learn to write in a new legalese style. Additionally, the Socratic Method of teaching, which is new to most students, adds a unique aspect to the learning process. You’re probably also considering that your first year of law school is what could potentially determine your path in your law career. Coveting that big-firm internship? Surprise! They will make a hiring decision mainly based on who is at the top of their class during the 1L year… and most classes use a bell-curve grading system. It's true that your first year of law school is important, but don't let that intimidate you. With the right resources and a strong work ethic, you can excel in your classes and position yourself for success in your legal career. So don't be discouraged - you've got this, and we will help you every step along the way!
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Bar Exam Breakthrough: Your Guide to Taking the Bar random
Bar Exam Breakthrough: Your Guide to Taking the Bar
Embarking on the final leg of your law school journey is no small feat. Congratulations on navigating through countless case readings, briefings, and late-night study sessions.
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Law Outlines for Final Exams random
Unlocking Law School Success: Crafting Winning Outlines for Finals
Attention law students gearing up for finals season! Feeling the heat as exams approach? Fear not, Aspen is here with some expert tips to master your outlines so you can feel confident going into your finals.
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Study Tips for Law School - Woman Smiling on a Laptop random
Tips to Get the Best From Your Law School Learning Tools: Connected eBooks
Do you know how to get the most out of the ebooks you have on Casebook Connect? Use these tips to help you get ahead and track your progress throughout your law school career. 
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