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Tort Law: Principles in Practice: Principles in Practice, Third Edition

  • James Underwood
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Underwood’s Tort Law: Principles in Practice offers a user-friendly introduction to first-year Torts students in a refreshing, thought-provoking balance of theory and practice.

Tort Law: Principles in Practice is an approachable and engaging casebook, with a variety of pedagogical features and tools to examine tort law doctrine and rules and their application in practice. Introductory text for each chapter, subsection, and case frames the issues under discussion, aiding student comprehension. Features include text boxes and photographs, sample pattern jury instructions, checklists, and end-of-chapter essay questions.

New to the Third Edition:

  • New key cases (e.g., a case arising out of the 2016 presidential election where a court analyzes whether a Trump supporter committed a battery against a critic via Twitter, along with a 2021 ruling on the issue of whether Amazon was a product “seller” potentially liable for personal injuries caused by the use of a product purchased on Amazon).
  • Revised notes and problems to enhance usability and readability.
  • Continued focus on making this book as useful as possible for the schools and professors who are increasingly focused on preparing students for practice.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A blending of both old classics and modern relevant cases
  • Easy to follow organization with clear topic headings
  • Useful but concise text to introduce the larger picture context for each section and case
  • Focused, limited notes following each case to engage the students
  • Numerous strategic problems within each section to stimulate further thinking
  • Engaging text boxes and pictures to capture the students’ imagination
  • Sample pattern jury instructions throughout the book to illustrate courts’ efforts to describe the law to jurors
  • Checklists to demonstrate proper analytical approaches to the issues
  • Helpful perspective notes at the end of each major section to summarize and highlight key facets of the materials
  • Practice end-of-chapter essays to permit students to practice “pulling it all together”


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Tort Law
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