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Introduction to Corrections

  • Richard A. Tewksbury
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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This is that book: The one that is authoritative and readable. The one that covers the subject thoroughly, but is always manageable, navigable, and engaging. It pairs sterling authorship with an accessible style. Like the wind at your back, Richard Tewksbury’s Introduction to Corrections motivates you through a wide range of interesting topics without impediment—because clear text needs no box.

Accessible and authoritative, Richard Tewksbury’s Introduction to Corrections features:
  • A succinct overview of the American correctional system, by a renowned scholar in the field
  • Thorough coverage of course content
    • The structure and operations of correctional systems
    • The history and politics of corrections
    • The goals of corrections in society today
  • A logical organization, from the role of corrections in controlling crime, to an in-depth look at the most troubling issues in corrections today
  • A clean page design
  • Consistently clear and direct narrative style
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