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Persuasive Legal Writing, Fourth Edition

  • Louis J. Sirico Jr.
  • Nancy Lusignan Schultz
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials
Persuasive Legal Writing offers complete instruction, exercises, and examples to teach students how to frame and assert arguments. Starting with an introduction to classical rhetorical devices and the psychology of persuasion, the authors explore every aspect of persuasive writing, from structuring sentences and paragraphs to writing style, tone, storytelling, audience analysis, the ethics of argument, and citing authorities. This concise books features consistent emphasis on the three keys to persuasive writing: writing simply and clearly; arguing ethically; writing for the audience and offers information on how to use all parts of a brief to frame and assert an argument.

Key New Features

  • A new chapter on applying storytelling principles to legal argument
  • A new chapter on using visuals in support of persuasive arguments
  • New examples of empirical studies and analysis that support the lessons throughout the book
  • New examples of particularly appealing use of language in Appendix A
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Fourth Edition
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Legal Writing
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