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Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers, Third Edition

  • Robert J. Rhee
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Most law students have never had formal coursework in accounting or finance, yet these areas are integral to so many law school courses including: Business Associations, Securities Regulations, Corporate Finance, Taxation, Banking Law, Financial Regulation, and Business Planning. With math no more difficult than high school algebra, Essential Concepts of Business for Lawyers, Third Editionfills in those gaps with an accessible and interactive presentation of accounting, finance, and financial markets. Each stand-alone chapter provides a complete lesson that will shed light on business courses in law school, as well as business situations in legal practice.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updates for and addition of new cases that illustrate the business concepts
  • Addition of more examples, including information related to more companies such as Googleand Uber
  • Addition of new materials on the basic microeconomic concept of supply and demand

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A self-contained course book that supports a 2-credit course on an overview of business concepts, including accounting, finance, valuation, financial instruments, and business strategy
  • Lessons that go beyond the definitions of terms of art and business terminology
  • A book written at an accessible level
  • Edited appellate cases that connect business concepts to the law and legal practice
  • Knowledge of the basic and most essential concepts of business
  • Materials presented in an accessible way including the use of many examples to illustrate difficult concepts
  • Clear explanations of difficult materials and foreign concepts
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Third Edition
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