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Inside Torts: What Matters and Why

  • J.P. Ogilvy
Series / Inside Series
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Inside Torts: What Matters and Why is a concise, clearly-written, and student-friendly guide to the principal topics covered in most first-year torts courses. It is designed to provide the fundamentals while, at the same time, identifying some of complexities of modern tort law. The goal of the book is to demystify the doctrine without oversimplifying it.

Overviews briefly introduce the topics of each chapter. The detailed tables of contents provide a starting point for the student to begin his or her own course outline. FAQs identify common misconceptions and sort them out, and numerous Sidebars offer additional insights, study tips, and practice pointers. Chapter summaries and bolded key terms facilitate study and review by reminding students of the key concepts that are needed to perform well on examinations. Connections at the end of each chapter illustrate the interconnections between the topics, encouraging students to integrate their knowledge of torts.

Key Features:

  • Basic coverage of the main topics of torts.
  • Overviews provide a brief introduction to each chapter.
  • Detailed table of contents to each chapter.
  • FAQs with complete answers to address common mistakes and misconceptions.
  • Bold-faced legal terms and definitions to build legal vocabulary.
  • Sidebars that offer additional insights into the complexities of tort law.
  • Chapter summaries provide a quick review of the essential doctrine.
  • Connections section at the end of each chapter relates concepts to other chapters.
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