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Point Well Made: Persuasive Oral Advocacy, Second Edition

  • Nancy Harris Vaidik
  • Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla
Series / NITA
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Persuasive, engaging oral argument is breathtaking. Envision a self-assured attorney leading the court through the salient points of the case, deftly addressing questions from the bench, and steering those questions to the next relevant topic. It’s like watching a magician at work. Think that magic is beyond you? Think again. You can learn to be a persuasive oral advocate with the tips and advice in Point Well Made:Persuasive Oral Advocacy. Whether you are a first-year law student prepping for your Moot Court presentation, a public defender managing mountains of motions, an appellant or respondent on appeal before a panel, or a seasoned lawyer arguing in front of the US Supreme Court, you need Point Well Made.

Indiana Court of Appeals Judge Nancy Vaidik and international legal communications coach Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla again bring their expertise to your fingertips. This completely revised and expanded edition of Point Well Made gets even more “under the hood” of judges, pointing out ways to recognize the reactions of your audience and effectively persuade. You will learn how to prepare the right notes for your hearings, so you are confident in your facts, theories, and themes. You will also learn to handle a judge’s questions, how to deal with multi-judge panels, when and how to pivot when the court is unpersuaded, and how to lay out your argument to the best advantage.

In addition to helping you address the facts of your legal arguments, Point Well Made will enhance your presentation skills—how to deliver the motion with successful voice and body language techniques to capture the attention and trust of your listeners. Examples and exercises throughout the book help you practice your skills and learn from the experience of other attorneys.

The wealth of knowledge you will gain by reading Point Well Made is quickly and easily reviewed, thanks to the many tables summarizing and highlighting the concrete tools the book provides. Unsure how to respond to a judge’s question? The tables spell out effective responses. Nervous about an upcoming argument? Review the tables for methods of relieving your jitters. Dialing into your first remote hearing? Point Well Made provides a step-by-step guide.

Expanded to address appellate argument and remote hearings, the new edition of Point Well Made is a hands-on, practical guide that helps you develop persuasive themes, effectively convey your facts, simplify the law, gain insight into your particular judge(s) so you can customize your argument, and answer challenging questions with confidence.

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