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State v. Baker, Fourth Edition

  • Joseph E. Taylor
Series / NITA
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When police respond to a 911 call, they find Sarah Baker, the defendant, with knife cuts on her arm—and Kelly Baker, her husband, shot dead on their kitchen floor. Sarah claims she shot her husband when he attacked her with a butcher knife, which was later found in his hand. The police, however, believe Sarah killed her husband in cold blood, inflicted the knife wounds herself, and planted the knife in her husband’s hand after he died. Was this self-defense against a drunk and jealous husband or an heiress’s calculated murder because she was trying to rid herself of an unwanted husband? Filled with forensic, electronic, and physical evidence, this engaging case file presents users with a balanced trial opportunity.

New to the Fourth Edition:
  • Recording of 911 call
  • Additional physical exhibits
  • Updated demonstrative exhibits
  • Electronic evidence including texts, web search histories, and a recording from a virtual assistant device
  • Additional facts and details throughout the case

Professors and students will benefit from:
  • A closed-world case file that has all necessary information included
  • A wide variety of exhibit types to practice entering into evidence

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Fourth Edition
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Trial Practice
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