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State v. Jackson: Case File, Trial Materials, Sixth Edition

  • Laurence M. Rose
  • Frank D. Rothschild
  • Rebecca Sitterly
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
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The State of NITA has charged Arthur Jackson and his assistant, Sonia Peterson, with commercial arson. Prosecutors allege that the two conspired with George Avery to burn down the Flinders Aluminum Fabrication factory.  

The original trial resulted in a hung jury, after which Sonia Peterson pled guilty to conspiracy to commit a felony and agreed to testify against Arthur Jackson. Jackson maintains his innocence. Avery cannot testify because he died in the fire. 

There are four witnesses for both the State and the defense. Videos of the fire, deposition statements, and a PowerPoint presentation are available as free downloads. 

A companion civil case file, Flinders v. Mismo, involves Jackson suing to recover from the company that insured the plant. 

New to the Eleventh Edition:  

  • Electronic media exhibits 
  • Sparky the arson dog 
  • New financial parameters 

Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • Video depositions  
  • The flexibility to use this file as either a brief or an extended exercise  
  • Experiential learning opportunities  
  • Impeachment exercises
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Sixth Edition
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Trial Practice , Evidence
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