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Criminal Law Collection: Condensed Case Files: State v. Edwards, State v. Chapman, State v. Cunningham, First Edition

  • Randy Rich
Series / NITA
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In State v. Chapman, a police officer faces murder charges after an elderly woman is found dead in her car. Chapman maintains his innocence, and insists that detectives, protecting another police officer who committed suicide days after the murder occurred, are setting him up. In State v. Edwards, Michael Edwards, who is serving time for car theft, is accused of murdering a pawn shop owner. Edwards insists he couldn't have committed the murder because it occurred on his birthday and he was with friends the entire day. In State v. Cunningham, the defendant is charged with violating the Controlled Substance Act after he sells cocaine to an undercover police officer. The defendant, Richard Cunningham, claims he was the victim of police entrapment. The state claims that Cunningham was not entrapped, and freely sold drugs to the undercover police officer. The three short yet complete case files in this criminal case file packet allow readers to try, review, and compare the cases in less time. They are perfect for courses in trial skills, trial practice, criminal litigation, and evidence handling, and will also work well in mock trials.
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