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Nita City Housing Authority v. Johnson, Third Edition

  • Mark S. Caldwell
Series / NITA
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Nita City Housing Authority served Donna Johnson with an eviction notice months after her grandson was rounded up in a group arrest of persons suspected of gang drug activity. Roy was never charged, though, and Donna believes that the housing authority is evicting her in retaliation for demonstrations she orchestrated to protest her landlord’s inaction on fire safety. Donna formed a tenant action committee requesting that fire sprinklers be installed in the building, and led protests when the housing authority ignored the committee’s demands. Disabled and without the resources to find new housing for herself, her two grandchildren, and her great-grandchild, Donna is not giving up without a fight.

This compact case file presents compelling witnesses and colorful exhibits. It can be tried with expert witnesses for a fuller experience, or the expert reports can be accepted by stipulation. The file also includes a component that looks at issues of conscious and unconscious bias and how attorneys should deal with such issues at trial.

New to the Third Edition:
  • Enhanced discussion of potential areas of bias counsel should address when presenting the case
  • Additional exhibits, including text messages
  • Revised timeframe of events to make the case file easier to understand and manage
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • A complex landlord/tenant file with issues of retaliation
  • A structure that requires analysis on both the law and issues of bias
  • A shorter case file that can be tried with or without expert witnesses
  • Analysis on whether federal requirements regarding eviction for drug or other criminal activity trigger eviction without a charge
  • A broad range of exhibits
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Third Edition
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