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Watson v. Century Technologies, Inc.: Case File, Second Edition

  • Theresa D. Moore
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials

Watson v. Century Technologies, Inc>. is a civil action for employment discrimination. A businesswoman is suddenly fired, finding herself the odd woman out in an organization getting younger by the day. Plaintiff Sharon Watson was a respected senior sales executive working in a technology-based sales company, and has been with the company since it started selling beepers over twenty-five years ago. Danielle Khouri, the new face of Century and a rising star in the tech world, was brought in to shake things up. Sharon’s exceptional career comes to an abrupt end when she is fired from her job. A case of age discrimination, or a simple case of parties not seeing eye to eye on the future of a company? Either side can make a compelling case given the exhibits, testimony, and witnesses.

Watson v. Century Technologies, the first in Theresa D. Moore’s Trial by Fire legal case series, includes two to four witnesses per side, mini depositions, and modern electronic evidence in the form of emails and Facebook posts. The Second Edition is updated to include an expert witness in human resources practices and a 100-minute video-recording of a juror focus group, each of which deepen a student’s learning experience.

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