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Mock Trials: Preparing, Presenting, and Winning Your Case, Third Edition

  • Jill R. Koster
  • Steven Lubet
Series / NITA
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The key to victory in a mock trial begins with preparation weeks, sometimes months, before a competitor begins their opening statement. Long before the prevailing party calls its first witness, the foundation for understanding the facts and preparing to admit and challenge the evidence is built. All the tools needed for success are laid out in this guidebook to greatness. Using diagrams, charts, and checklists, the third edition of Mock Trials provides an updated, step-by-step guide to preparing, presenting, and winning trial competitions at every level. Practice tips provide methods to demonstrate to the judge your thorough understanding of the case, the rules of evidence, and courtroom procedure.

Starting with the basics of how trials work and courtrooms are set up, Mock Trials walks through the entire process, from case preparation and research, to the rules of evidence and procedure, communication skills, and pretrial motions. You will learn how to examine your witnesses, raise evidentiary objections, introduce exhibits, and cross-examine opposing witnesses, including experts. This third edition also adds guidance for serving as an effective witness and preparing witnesses to testify at trial.

From the time you make your opening statement to the conclusion of your closing argument, this manual is the resource you need for the direction and confidence to succeed. It is clear enough to assist those new to trial competitions yet sufficiently robust that practicing attorneys also keep a copy on hand for easy reference.

New to the Third Edition:
  • Chapter on Witness Preparation
  • Updated, accessible text
  • Tables and checklists 
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Bullet-point reference review in each chapter
  • Examples that enhance understanding
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