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Trial Prep for Paralegals: Effective Case Management and Support to Attorneys in Preparation for Trial, Second Edition

  • Michael L. Coyne
  • Amy Dimitriadis
Series / NITA
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Trial Prep for Paralegals presents an in-depth guide for paralegals as they assist attorneys through all stages of litigation, from client intake to appeals. The book begins with an overview of the litigation process, provides a sample case to illustrate the paralegal’s role, and closes with helpful information on ethical dangers and how to handle stress. Professionalism, civility, and teamwork are emphasized, particularly the importance of working well with attorneys, the courts, opposing counsel, and, of course, the client. This helpful guidebook is a must-have for litigation paralegals.

The authors substantially revised this Second Edition to reflect the increased role technology plays in the law office and in litigation. It incorporates the latest amendments to the federal rules, including changes to discovery practice found in Fed. R. Civ. P. 26. The two chapters on e-discovery were also substantially updated, and a new sample discovery plan was added. Issues regularly facing paralegals and attorneys are examined, including the paralegal’s appropriate role and responsibility to timely communicate with clients.

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