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Objections at Trial, Eleventh Edition

  • Ronald L. Carlson
  • Edward J. Imwinkelried
  • Myron H. Bright
Series / NITA
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Objections at Trial is a complete reference guide that travels easily to the courtroom or classroom. This invaluable handbook bridges the gap between knowing the rules of evidence and applying them in a judicial setting—and clearly identifies what proposed evidence is subject to exclusion by objection. 

The Eleventh Edition includes all changes in the Federal Rules of Evidence though December 1, 2023.

Also available as an eBook, Objections at Trial provides the reader—judge, lawyer, or law student—with a primer on the fine art of making effective objections to inadmissible evidence.  

New to the Eleventh Edition:  
  • Analysis of 2023 rule amendments  
  • Updated references  
Professors and students will benefit from:  
  • Clear tabbing for easy location of objection type
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Eleventh Edition
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Spiral Bound
Trial Practice , Evidence
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