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101 Vignettes for Improving Trial Evidence Skills, Second Edition

  • Anthony J. Bocchino
  • JoAnne A. Epps
  • David A. Sonenshein
Series / NITA
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Great lawyers aren’t born; they’re trained. And the best training is practice. Practice opportunities can be hard to come by in the real world and time consuming in mock-trial situations. 101 Vignettes for Improving Trial Evidence Skills is the ideal solution for achieving that practice.

The new edition of this classic in evidence and trial advocacy drills is the perfect exercise manual for building the muscle memory every lawyer needs. 101 Vignettes for Improving Trial Evidence Skills is filled with short, easy-to-understand scenarios designed to pinpoint the situations that call for objection and response, encouraging quick thinking. Additionally, this resource provides a context for a better understanding of the rules of evidence as they are applied—a skill set every successful attorney needs.

Useful in both a classroom and a conference room, 101 Vignettes for Improving Trial Evidence Skills is a book you will reach for over and over.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updated vignettes
  • Questions for each pause
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Experiential learning opportunities that require no preparation time
  • Quick, “low stakes” practice of trial and evidence skills
  • A proven pedagogical method of teaching the practice skills


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About the authors
Anthony Bocchino
Jack E. Feinberg Professor of Litigation Emeritus
Temple University Beasley School of Law

Professor Anthony Bocchino&is the Jack E. Feinberg Professor of Litigation Emeritus of the Temple University Beasley School of Law. &He served as a full-time faculty member at both the University of Connecticut School of Law and the Duke University Law School before joining the Temple University Beasley School of Law faculty in 1979 and served for 10 years as the Director of Advocacy. He has designed the program, written materials, and taught in the law school’s Integrated Trial Advocacy Program, which has been twice awarded the Gumpert Award for Excellence in Teaching Trial Advocacy from the American College of Trial Lawyers, in addition to receiving the Gambrell Award for Teaching Professionalism from the American Bar Association. Professor Bocchino has been honored with teaching awards from Duke University School of Law, where he received the Mordecai Society Award, and the Beasley School of Law, where he was the first recipient of the George P. Williams II Memorial Award. In addition, he has received the Oliphant Award from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and the Richard S. Jacobson Award from the Association of Trial Lawyers of America for excellence in teaching the art and science of trial advocacy. In addition to his law school duties, Professor Bocchino has an over 40 year relationship with NITA, and served &as a faculty member, author, Editor in Chief, and Director. &Bocchino has written materials and designed programs for trial, deposition, fact investigation, motion practice, and appellate advocacy programs for more than thirty law firms and numerous public agencies, including several projects for the Federal Judicial Center. &He has also conducted needs analyses and designed litigation skill curricula for numerous law firms. His CLE materials and program designs are among the most frequently utilized by those organizations. In addition, he has and will customize materials to the specific needs of individual clients. Professor Bocchino is the author of over sixty books and articles, predominantly in the fields of evidence, trial advocacy, civil litigation and professional responsibility. His most recent book with David Sonenshein, entitled The Modern Deposition (Amazon 2017), has been evaluated as revolutionary and groundbreaking. His trial advocacy andor deposition practice materials are used in a majority of the law schools in America, as well as in CLE litigation skills training in the public and private sectors. Professor Bocchino is a member of the Order of the Coif, has been elected to the American Law Institute and designated a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation; Litigation Counsel of America; and the International Society of Barristers.

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