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Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections, Sixteenth Edition

  • Anthony J. Bocchino
  • David A. Sonenshein
  • Katharine Traylor Schaffzin
Series / NITA
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Whether in trial or deposition, Federal Rules of Evidence with Objections will have you ready to respond quickly and decisively to evidence issues. The Sixteenth Edition contains the complete text of the Federal Rules of Evidence as amended to December 1, 2023. This useful guide is organized for quick reference, with an alphabetical section of major objections. It includes practical tips and legal interpretations for each rule. The 4x6-inch size is designed to easily tuck into a pocket or briefcase. With its spiral binding, the book lies flat on a desk or table, staying open to the page you are using.

The e-book edition is hyperlinked to the rules, providing ready reference to the full language of the applicable rule for every objection.

New to the 16th Edition:
  • Updated rules to December 2023
  • Analysis of the 2023 amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Alphabetically tabbed pages to objection topics
  • Full text of the Federal Rules of Evidence that includes the 2023 amendments
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Sixteenth Edition
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Spiral Bound
Trial Practice , Evidence
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