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State v. Peyton: Case File, Trial Materials, Third Edition

  • Elizabeth I. Boals
Series / NITA
Teaching Materials
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Building contractor Taylor Addison suffered severe first- and second-degree burns when someone sideswiped her parked car. The impact spilled scalding coffee over her left hand, leaving her slightly scarred. In this hit-and-run, DUI case, Addison testifies that she saw a car identifiable as Jordan Peyton’s driving away from the scene. Peyton has pled not guilty to all charges and claims that she did not collide with Addison’s car. Is the damage on Peyton’s car proof of a collision with Addison’s, or merely coincidence? How do the field sobriety tests and BAC evidence influence the determination on whether Peyton hit Addison’s car? Was Peyton’s arrest and breathalyzer test mishandled? Advocates will enjoy working either side of this well-balanced case.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Body camera footage from Peyton’s arrest
  • Streamlined exhibits for ease of handling
  • Improved social media exhibits
  • Medical records of injuries

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Flexibility; this case has expert testimony available for longer programs, but can be run without it
  • Realistic exhibits, including recorded 9-1-1 call and body camera footage
  • Companion civil case available for a complete introduction to trial practice
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