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Practical Criminal Procedure: A Constitutional Manual, Fourth Edition

  • Brent E. Newton
Series / NITA
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Whether you are a prosecutor or a defense attorney, a thorough understanding of the many procedural issues in a case can mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal or an affirmance or reversal on appeal. This guide by Brent Newton comprehensively examines the major topics in constitutional criminal procedure with a pragmatic view that gets to the heart of each matter quickly and cogently. It includes a summary to every significant decision of the United States Supreme Court that impacts constitutional criminal procedure. This text also highlights many of constitutional procedural issues that the United States Supreme Court has not yet addressed and reviews the extensive treatment these issues have received in the lower federal and state courts.

Written for law students, criminal defense attorneys, and prosecuting attorneys, the Fourth Edition of Practical Criminal Procedure helps legal professionals understand complex criminal legal issues in context and how legal issues commonly arise in real-world litigation.

New to the 4th Edition:

The fourth edition includes practical analysis of many new Supreme Court decisions that significantly have changed many aspects of constitutional criminal procedure, including:

  • Fourth Amendment cases, including Kansas v. Glover (2019); Carpenter v. United States (2018); Collins v. Virginia (2018); and Byrd v. United States (2018)
  • Double Jeopardy cases, including Gamble v. United States (2019)
  • Cases addressing the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, including Ramos v. Louisiana (2020)
  • Sixth Amendment right to counsel cases, including McCoy v. Louisiana (2018) and Garza v. Idaho (2019)
  • Sentencing cases, including McKinney v. Arizona (2020)
  • Federal habeas corpus cases, including Wilson v. Sellers (2018)
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Fourth Edition
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Criminal Procedure
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