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Legislative Process, Fifth Edition

  • Abner J. Mikva
  • Eric Lane
  • Michael J. Gerhardt
  • Daniel J. Hemel
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Legislative Process is the only casebook that provides in-depth coverage of the goals, structures, processes, powers, and rules of Congress and its committees and subcommittees. With its extraordinarily impressive authorship team consisting of Abner J. Mikva, Eric Lane, Michael Gerhardt, and Daniel Hemel (each of whom has had significant legislative experience), this important casebook serves as an insider's perspective on the legislative process. The book takes a practical and process-oriented approach. It provides historical context on the role and drafting and interpretation of statutes, and includes extensive use of primary materials, including bills and statutes, committee reports and debates, legislative rules, constitutional provisions and other legislative authorities, and judicial decisions.

New to the Fifth Edition:  

  • Up-to-date legislative and judicial developments regarding the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the Affordable Care Act, the budget process, and other landmark congressional statutes  
  • In-depth analyses of the two impeachments of Donald Trump and Supreme Court confirmation proceedings over the last few decades
  • Comprehensive analysis of the mechanisms, besides impeachment, for holding presidents accountable for their misconduct  
  • Consideration of various proposals for reforming the federal law-making process
Professors and students will benefit from:


  • The detailed descriptions of the law-making process within Congress
  • Comprehensive analysis of the relative scope of major congressional powers
  • Inside accounts of legislative activities, including committee and subcommittee work
  • The use of the casebook as a handbook for anyone interested in knowing more, or working in, Congress or state legislatures 
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