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Guide to U.S. Legal Analysis and Communication, Third Edition

  • Deborah B. McGregor
  • Cynthia M. Adams
  • Katrina J. Lee
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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Designed primarily for the international lawyer and international law student, this one-of-a-kind text introduces readers to legal analysis and communications used in the U.S.

With customized exercises, examples, and illustrations, the authors, who together have more than seven decades of experience teaching legal writing, provide detailed instruction on the types of legal writing that international lawyers are most likely to engage in with U.S. lawyers. Organized for optimizing skills-building, the text begins with a contextual overview of the court system and the civil litigation process in the U.S., and then moves to structuring and communicating an objective analysis, briefing a case, and doing statutory analysis. The text delivers practical guidance on writing client letters, demand letters, office memos, and electronic correspondence. The authors emphasize structure, planning, and ethics in educating about the legal writing process.



New to the Third Edition:















  • New co-author Katrina Lee, Clinical Professor of Law, Director of LL.M. Legal Writing, Director of Program on Dispute Resolution, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law; and former President of the Association of Legal Writing Directors
  • Reorganized and streamlined chapters for a stronger and more concise presentation
  • Expanded coverage of legal writing skills related to how to structure and formulate an objective legal analysis; how to write a formal office memo, client letters, and demand letters; and how to write professional emails and e-memos
  • New mini TOCs at the start of each chapter that provide a handy “roadmap” of topics covered
  • Updated material throughout



Professors and students will benefit from:















  • Detailed and summary table of contents, plus chapter roadmaps
  • Glossary of terms for international readers
  • Overviews of the U.S. government and court system, the common law system, and the civil litigation process
  • Clear exposition supported by numerous exercises that cover the types of legal writing international lawyers are most likely to use
  • Emphasis on an ethical, thorough, and structured writing process


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