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Updates and Commentary on Employment Discrimination Law 2020

  • Marcia McCormick
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Updates and Commentary on Employment Discrimination Law 2020, reviews developments in the field of employment discrimination law during the past year, with some notable developments from prior years where particularly influential. The review offers edited versions of some of the most important cases, summaries of other cases, and summaries of enacted and proposed legislation for an audience of researchers, students, and practitioners. The update is designed to quickly bring readers up to date with new developments in the field. Hot topics discussed include the continuing evolution in the law concerning arbitration, developments in methods of proof in disparate treatment cases, limitations on the reach of disparate impact claims, developments in mixed motives cases, new commentary and legislation connected with the #MeToo movement, developments connected with the gender pay gap, expansion of antidiscrimination protection to natural hair styles, developments in antidiscrimination protection of LGBTQ+ employees, and an upsurge in defenses based on claims of religious freedom.

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