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American Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties, Seventh Edition

  • Calvin R. Massey
  • Brannon P. Denning
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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American Constitutional Law: Powers and Liberties provides a broad survey of the field without overwhelming students. The basics of constitutional theory are presented without getting mired in highly theoretical discussions, and cases are tightly edited to focus on the most important aspects, with additional cases on select topics condensed into narrative summaries.

This book focuses on cases and expository text rather than extensive academic commentary, and the introductory text provides direction to students as they read and analyze the materials that follow. Additionally, challenging hypotheticals are provided throughout the text for use as student self-assessments or to launch stimulating class discussions. This highly teachable book can be used for a one- or two-semester course and is easily adaptable to suit each professor’s preferences. 

New to the 7th Edition:  

  • Updated through the Supreme Court’s 2021–2022 Term 
  • Summarizes or omits older or outdated cases to reduce length 
  • New questions and problems for added cases to promote self-assessment 

Benefits for instructors and students: 

  • Easily adaptable to a one- or two-semester course 
  • “Just-right” editing of major cases, with less important cases summarized in notes or narrative summary 
  • Even-handed presentation of cases so adopters don’t have to “teach against” the text 
  • Narrative introductions provide students with context and organizational structure 
  • Ideologically neutral tone appeals to professors occupying various points on an ideological spectrum 
  • Supplemented annually 
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