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Sex Offenders: Crimes and Processing in the Criminal Justice System, Second Edition

  • Sean Maddan
  • Lynn Pazzani
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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In Sex Offenders: Crimes and Processing in the Criminal Justice System, Maddan and Pazzani draw on their extensive research and teaching experience to provide coverage of all facets of sex crimes and sexual deviance in the United States. The text emphasizes rape and sexual offenses against children and society’s responses through the criminal justice system, including enforcement and investigation, the courts, corrections, and post-punishment treatment. Up-to-date information, statistics, and research assessments include imprisonment, historical punishments, recidivism, registration and notification requirements (SORN), residence restrictions, civil commitments, and treatment. The impact of sex offenses on victims’ lives is treated in depth, as are possible directions for future policies to better address the threat posed by sex offenders. Students reading this book will get a true sense of the U.S. sex offender problem, the responses of the criminal justice system, and what can be done to further decrease the incidence of sex offending.

New to the Second Edition:  
  • A fresh examination of sexual harassment in the workplace in light of the #MeToo movement.
  • Incorporation throughout the book of the etiology of sexual harassment.
  • In-depth consideration of why sexual harassment is not handled through the criminal justice system as a criminal offense.
  • Updated literature, research, and statistics on sex crimes and criminal justice processing.
  • New example stories that highlight more recent real-world instances of sex crimes and criminal justice responses to sex crimes.  

Professors and students will benefit from:
  • An overview of sex offenses in the United States covers major theories to account for sex offending, legal statutes defining sex crimes, types of sex offenses and offenders, sex crime victims’ characteristics, policing of sex crimes, and society’s responses to sex crimes (including registries, residence restrictions, civil commitments, and treatment).
  • A focus on sex offenses through the criminal justice system framework examines the pros and cons of various strategies, including criminal statutes, law enforcement and court processing approaches, and correctional techniques for treating or warehousing sex offenders.
  • Real-world narratives in each chapter illustrate and provide a practical perspective on the complexity and impact of the sex offense under discussion for society, perpetrator, and victim.
  • Accessibly written chapters include learning objectives, lists of key terms, exercises, and essay questions for review and information retention.
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Second Edition
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Criminal Justice, Introduction , Victimology
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