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Corporate Finance, Third Edition

  • Stephen J. Lubben
Series / Aspen Select Series
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Designed for use in the Corporate Finance class, increasingly important in any skills-based curriculum, Corporate Finance, Third Edition features a strong coverage of M&A, bankruptcy, finance, and valuation. The valuation unit covers math from a lawyer’s perspective, focusing on the intuitions behind the valuation techniques in a way that will facilitate interaction with bankers and accountants in practice. Basic Excel skills are taught along the way.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Updated coverage of the effects of COVID-19 on finance
  • New chapters on swaps and CLOs
  • A new case study (iHeartMedia, Inc.) is integrated in the book from beginning to end
  • New and improved layout with chapter summaries and highlighting of key concepts

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Practical, transactional approach to corporate finance
  • Organization around four basic units: valuation, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and financial distress
  • A focus on the quantitative tools on motivating and understanding the business and concepts
  • Extensive references to deal documents throughout to establish a theme of the actual transactions to compare to the lines of cases describing how deals go bad
  • Extensive teaching materials, including Excel spreadsheets and a full set of PowerPoint slides
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Corporate Finance
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