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The United States Constitution: Law, Policy, and Society, First Edition

  • Laura E. Little
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
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With coverage of the topics central to the lives of U.S. citizens today, The United States Constitution: Law, Policy, and Society by Laura E. Little brings a fresh take to the study of Constitutional Law.

Dynamic educator and distinguished scholar, Laura E. Little, presents an original and accessible take on Constitutional Law for undergraduates. While covering classic topics and themes such as federalism, individual rights, and separation of powers, the book does so with a focus on the topics central to U.S. citizens' lives—topics such as gun rights; freedom of expression and social media; hate speech; reproductive rights; decisions that reinforced or challenged existing racial, class, ethnic, and gender stratifications; as well as the interplay between popular culture and the Supreme Court. The author of several other books related to Constitutional Law, including a book and studies about the intersection of humor and the law, Professor Little brings an informed, lively eye to constitutional study.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Coverage of four major themes:
    • the branches of government and the separation of powers
    • the relationship between state and federal governments
    • the special protection afforded to freedom of communication
    • other rights important to U.S. citizens: the right to bear arms, reproductive freedom, racial discrimination, LGBTQIA+ rights, and women's rights
  • Well-crafted material that encourages students to find deeper meaning as they think about essential questions concerning Constitutional Law:
    • How does the historical context for a case explain the result of the case?
    •  Do neutral constitutional principles exist or does the discussion of constitutional rules simply serve to mask hidden agendas?
    • How do the rules that are articulated in different contexts resemble each other?
  • Features that lead to a lively engagement in the study of Constitutional Law
    • From the Bench, carefully chosen and skillfully edited Supreme Court cases that give students understanding and insight into key decisions
    • Questions for Discussion to encourage students to formulate their own thinking about larger constitutional issues
    • Behind the Curtain, a look at the background of a case that goes beyond the mere facts
    • What's Your Learned Opinion? Scenarios that ask students to apply constitutional principles to a new set of facts
    • Review questions to help students test their knowledge of each chapter's topics
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