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Women and Criminal Justice, Second Edition

  • Marilyn D. McShane
  • Ming-Li Hsieh
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
Teaching Materials
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Women and Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive view of how gender, race, and class affect the status of women in the context of policing, courts, and corrections. Systematic and engaging, Hsieh and McShane integrate the perspectives and experiences of women who are employed in the criminal justice system, as well as those who are offenders or victims of crime. Written specifically for the undergraduate course, Women and Criminal Justiceopens a window onto the historical and contemporary landscape of the criminal justice system from the perspective of women.

New to the Second Edition:

A fresh approach to topical themes:

  • The challenges of measuring risk of rape and human trafficking
  • Social learning as an explanation of battering
  • Motherhood on trial
  • Female parolee/probationer needs and experiences
  • Factors leading to increased system involvement
  • When women work in men’s criminal justice arena
  • The #Metoo Movement and its impact
  • The changing complexion of American culture

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • Clear examples of the problems facing women from diverse perspectives drawn from history, law, criminal justice, and criminology
  • The incorporation of evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research findings
  • Understanding challenges and barriers that inhibit or enable women’s access to opportunities in the criminal justice system and in the workplace
  • Developing creative thinking and problem-solving strategies across controversial issues surrounding gender and crime
  • A raised awareness of gender inequity and inequality local, nationally and globally
  • Additional resources from media, popular culture, and online outlets

Teaching materials Include:

  • Instructor’s manual with syllabi, additional assignments for students, and many teaching tips for the course.
  • Extensive chapter-by-chapter outlines
  • Complete test bank with a variety of assessments
  • PowerPoint lecture slides keyed to the text and providing additional assignments
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Second Edition
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Women and Criminal Justice , Gender and the Law
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