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Cases and Materials on Corporations and Other Business Entities: A Practical Approach

  • Lee A. Harris
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
Teaching Materials
A practical approach to Corporations featuring carefully edited cases, intriguing notes and questions, and exercises drawn from actual cases to create a practical and skills-driven approach to the study of the legal principles of business.


  • Each chapter includes all the landmark cases that students should be introduced to in a Corporations or Business Entities course
  • Strong skills-driven exercises and questions (both litigation-based and transaction-based)
    • the practical exercises give students a chance to simulate what lawyers do
    • the exercises are drawn from actual disputes, particularly from material in the case's procedural history, publicly-available information about the dispute, and other information provided from the actual lawyers on the case
  • Brief notes and questions after cases, including some with practice-orientation
  • Diagrams, or Roadmaps are included to give students an illustrative snapshot of some of the toughest cases.
  • This text obviates the need for law professors interested in skills training to rely on supplemental texts or creating their own materials
  • Companion website that includes supplemental introductory cases (with notes and questions) to enable use of the casebook by MBA and undergraduate students

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