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Medical Liability and Treatment Relationships, Fifth Edition

  • Mark A. Hall
  • Nadia N. Sawicki
  • Mary Anne Bobinski
  • David Orentlicher
  • I. Glenn Cohen
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Medical Liability and Treatment Relationships, Fifth Edition is the only current casebook devoted to medical liability, including medical malpractice. This book is based on Part I, “The Provider and the Patient,” from Health Care Law and Ethics, Tenth Edition, and adds additional coverage of professional licensure and regulating access to drugs, and new cases and materials covering medical malpractice. Integrating public health and financial and ethical issues, this casebook uses compelling case law, clear notes, and comprehensive background information to illuminate the complex and dynamic field of health care law.

New to the Fifth Edition:
  • New author: Nadia N. Sawicki
  • Substantial updates to the medical malpractice chapter
  • Challenges posed by artificial intelligence in medicine
Benefits for instructors and students:
  • Comprehensive yet concise, this casebook covers all aspects of medical liability and the treatment relationships between patient and provider.
  • Includes cases and materials on Medical Malpractice not found in the parent book, including:
    • Financial considerations in treatment decisions
    • Constitutionality of damage caps
    • Cases and notes about special discovery rules, such as prohibiting ex parte contacts with treating physicians
    • ERISA preemption of managed care liability
    • Additional discussion problems
  • Integrates public policy and ethics issues from a relational perspective.
  • Clear notes provide smooth transitions between cases and background information.
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