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Inside Civil Procedure: What Matters and Why, Third Edition

  • Howard M. Erichson
Series / Inside Series
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Inside Civil Procedure: What Matters and Why, like a great teacher, helps law students understand civil procedure clearly and deeply. Procedural rules and doctrines that at first seem incomprehensible finally make sense when students understand what the rules are trying to do, how they are used in practice, and how they fit into the bigger picture.

Unlike oversimplified outlines or lengthy treatises, it actually teaches with clear explanations and features designed to help students master the material. By the end of each chapter, students will have a clear understanding of not only how the rules and doctrines work, but also how the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

  • Overviews set up each topic
  • FAQs give straight answers to questions and clear up common mistakes and misconceptions.
  • Sidebars offer insights, study tips, and practice pointers.
  • Step-by-step analyses demonstrate how to apply the material.
  • Chapter summaries provide quick review guides.
  • Connections helps students fit the material with other topics in civil procedure.
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Third Edition
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Civil Procedure
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