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Federal Taxation of Corporations and Corporate Transactions

  • Steven Dean
  • Bradley T. Borden
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
Teaching Materials

This first edition of Federal Taxation of Corporations and Corporate Transactions provides a comprehensive examination of tax principles with a unique practice-oriented approach to help students become practice ready with skills that they have developed in a setting that reflects practice in the real world.

The casebook introduces students not only to transactional tax practice and the federal tax penalty regime, but also to the rules of professional ethics and the specific rules that govern professionals who practice tax law. It features an array of Deal Downloads that breathe life into complex material, presenting high-profile transactions involving Amazon, Apple, Ford and others.

This first edition will have a separately sold Client File supplement, which provides memoranda that require students to analyze the Deal Download transactions and to employ them as precedents to structure acquisitions, investments, and distributions for a hypothetical client.

Key Benefits:

  • Client files that are designed to help students learn the law in a practice-like setting.
  • Extensive commentary about tax principles and cites to statutes, cases, regulations, and rulings that the students must study to fully learn the material.
  • Chapter 9, where students will learn about the transaction that heralded the return of Steve Jobs to Apple in the 1990s and paved the way for the company’s subsequent dominant run.
  • An examination of issues posed by classic cases, by focusing on the language of the underlying deal documents, and by learning how to solve clients’ problems before they are set in stone.
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