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Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment, Fourth Edition

  • Daniel V. Davidson
  • Lynn M. Forsythe
  • Jacquelin J. Curry
Series / Business Law Series
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Business in the Contemporary Legal Environment is a well-written, comprehensive coursebook providing complete coverage of the areas typically included in a one-semester legal environment course. The authors explain various areas of the law in plain English, with an emphasis on the implications and applications of these areas in a business setting. A combination of classic and contemporary cases clearly illustrates how the law is applied. In addition, helpful discussion questions and You Decide questions at the end of each chapter teach students how to identify and analyze legal issues that are frequently encountered in business. Thoughtful pedagogy and well-designed exhibits throughout the book help make the concepts easier to understand.

New to the Fourth Edition:
  • New Contemporary cases are included throughout the book, focusing on current and timely issues.
  • Coverage dedicated to diversity and inclusion thoughtfully integrated into the text.
  • Several chapters discuss technology issues including protecting employee passwords (Chapters 12 and 20); punishing computer crimes (Chapter 13); and protecting technology (Chapters 8 and 20).
  • Students are asked to consider the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in several chapters.
  • Part III on Contracts streamlined to make the content even more accessible and teachable.
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • Student-friendly introduction to those legal topics most relevant to businesspeople.
  • Effective use of cases. Every chapter begins with a Classic Case, a case from the past that helped to set the precedents for the material covered in the chapter. The authors then conclude each chapter with a Contemporary Case, a recent decision that shows a current application of one of the principles discussed in the chapter. The authors wrote the facts, issues, and holdings, and excerpted the reasons from the court opinion to make the cases more manageable.
  • An Ounce of Prevention strategy boxes discuss situations that frequently occur in a business environment and strategies for handling those situations in a manner that will reduce potential legal problems.
  • You Decide questions, based on current issues in the news, engage students with high-interest and relevant topics.
  • Good balance between court cases and author-written text.
  • Exercises and examples that help students to identify and analyze legal issues that are frequently encountered in business.
  • Helpful exhibits that summarize concepts but don't overwhelm the text.
  • Thoughtful, classroom-tested text written by an experienced author team.
  • Helpful glossary of legal terms 
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