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Crime Types: A Text/Reader, Second Edition

  • Dean A. Dabney
Series / Aspen Criminal Justice Series
Teaching Materials
Blending original text with research, Crime Types: A Text Reader provides a conceptually driven examination of the major types of modern crime: homicide and assault; violent sex crimes; robbery, burglary, and property crime; public order crime; and crimes within complex organizations. The author, known for his publications as well as his scholarship, uses engaging original text to introduce and conclude chapters as well as headnotes to highlight major themes, findings, and links to the broader framework. This innovative conceptual framework helps students understand the behavioral, cognitive, cultural, and social facets of different types of crime. Twenty-five selected readings from diverse voices bring the concepts to life and provide in-depth applications of the text's material.


  • full description and dynamic readings on the crime types of most concern to society
    • homicide and assault
    • violent sex crimes
    • robbery, burglary, property crime
    • public order crime
    • crimes within complex organization
  • provocative conceptual framework for understanding of patterns of offending, victimization, crime settings, and societal responses
  • diverse voices and compelling writing add real-life immediacy and authenticity to the study of the dominant social, behavioral, cognitive, and cultural dimensions of crime
  • headnotes to each reading highlight major conceptual themes, findings, and links to the broader framework
  • discussion questions engage readers in broader questions of cause, response, and prevention
  • key terms included for each chapter
  • wide-ranging references to major resources for further reading and research
  • stellar authorship
    • widely published and highly regarded scholar
    • special interests in criminal justice, organizational culture within law enforcement agencies, forms of deviance and criminal behaviors in organizational settings, and qualitative research methods

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Second Edition
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Criminal Procedure
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