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International Trade Law: Documents Supplement to the Fourth Edition

  • Daniel C.K. Chow
  • Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Series / Supplements
Teaching Materials
The authors of International Trade Law: Problems, Cases, and Materials have compiled World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements and U.S. statutory materials in a Documents Supplement to the Fourth Edition that supports and enriches the study of this dynamic field of law.
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About the authors
Thomas J. Schoenbaum
Research Professor of Law
The George Washington University Law School

Prior to joining GW Law, Professor Schoenbaum taught at the law schools of the University of North Carolina, Tulane University, and the University of Georgia. At Tulane he served as associate dean and at Georgia he was executive director of the Dean Rusk Center of International and Comparative Law. He is also a Fellow at GWrsquo;s Center for Law, Economics Finance (C-LEAF). He has practiced law extensively as special counsel for several law firms and has litigated corporate, environmental, and admiralty cases in the federal courts. Professor Schoenbaum has received six Fulbright awards and has held teaching posts in many countries, including Germany, Belgium, the UK, South Africa, Austria, Russia, and Japan. He has served as visiting fellow at St. Johnrsquo;s College, Oxford and as principal fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre of International Law at Cambridge. Professor Schoenbaum specializes in international commercial and environmental law. He is the author of many articles and books, including The World Trade Organization: Law, Policy and Practice (2003), Admiralty and Maritime Law (3d ed. 2001), and Environmental Policy Law (2002). He is currently working on new books in the areas of international environmental law and international business transactions.

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Fourth Edition
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International Trade
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