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Law School Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win, Third Edition

  • Charles R. Calleros
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
Teaching Materials
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Law School and Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win, Third Editionis the third edition of a popular book whose first edition Bryan Garner reviewed and judged to be “the best on the market.” It combines:

  1. Clear and comprehensive explanations of study and exam techniques
  2. Numerous illustrative samples that are truly instructive
  3. Twenty in-class exercises or take-home assignments on everything from case briefs to essay and multiple-choice exam questions.

Comprehensive and self-contained, the Third Edition is suitable for use as the textbook for a sophisticated Prelaw course, 1L Orientation, or a 1L Academic Success course. Alternatively, incoming freshmen can work through it independently over the summer to be optimally prepared for law school in the fall.

New to the Third Edition:

  • The latest in learning theory, including focus and engagement, spaced repetition with interleaving, and altering surroundings during study to create mental bookmarks; plus, nine topics relating to mindset, mindfulness, and well-being.
  • Expanded sets of exercises and assignments, including new and improved essay exams and multiple-choice questions.
  • New discussion of time management.

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • The way the book facilitates a flipped classroom:
    • The clear and detailed explanations and illustrations will enable students to prepare well for class, permitting the professor to provide a quick summary of key points before turning to active learning through brainstorming, problem-solving, discussion, debate, and writing exercises.
  • Clear explanations and illustrations for reading assignments and numerous exercises for in-class active learning
  • Sample answers for all in-text exercises in the Appendix for students to check their understanding
  • A major in-text take-home assignment separate from the other in-text materials that can be used to further gauge student’s understanding

Teaching materials Include:

  • Teacher’s Manual:
    • Notes for teaching strategies
    • Sample answer for the major in-text assignment
    • Two essay exam questions with sample answers that can be administered as in-class exams for practice, or as graded exams
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Third Edition
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Academic Success , Introduction to Law
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