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Bundle: International Law, Eighth Edition with Connected Quizzing

  • Allen S. Weiner
  • Duncan B. Hollis
  • Chimène Keitner
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
Teaching Materials

Print Bundle - This bundle includes both print and digital versions of ISBN 9781543840322 as well as Connected Quizzing, ISBN 9781543814491.

Digital Bundle - This bundle includes a digital-only version of ISBN 9798886144536 as well as Connected Quizzing, ISBN 9781543814491.


More about International Law, Eighth Edition by the deeply experienced authorship team of Allen S. Weiner, Duncan B. Hollis, and Chimène I. Keitner, International Law provides students with a foundational understanding of international law for those required to confront legal problems across borders, including treaties, customary international law, jurisdiction, and the UN system.

Bundle also includes Connected Quizzing. Delivered through, Connected Quizzing is an easy-to-use formative assessment tool that tests law students’ understanding and provides timely feedback to improve learning outcomes. Connected Quizzing requires a Professor Course Code to access the quizzes.

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Eighth Edition
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Connected eBook Print + Digital Bundle
Digital Bundle
International Law and Foreign Relations
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