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Bundle: Pretrial, Eleventh Edition and Potter v. Shrackle, Eighth Edition

  • Thomas A. Mauet
  • David Marcus
  • Kenneth S. Broun
  • Frank D. Rothschild
Series / Aspen Bundle Series
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This bundle contains:  

Pretrial, Eleventh Edition
Thomas A. Mauet, David Marcus
ISBN: 9798886143911

Pretrial, Eleventh Edition, by Thomas Mauet and David Marcus, organizes pretrial planning and execution into a series of steps students can easily master. Ordinary law school classes give students very few opportunities to learn about how lawyers prepare and manage cases. Pretrial introduces students to all aspects of case development, litigation, and settlement, ranging from the initial client interview to the analysis of settlement strategy and terms using many real-life examples. It provides sample documentation for each stage of a civil case. An invaluable text for law students, Pretrial also gives new lawyers straightforward, practice-oriented instruction as they immerse themselves in the real world of litigation practice. It also offers experienced lawyers a concise, ready source they can consult when they need a refresher. 


Potter v. Shrackle and The Shrackle Construction Company: Case File, Trial Materials, Eighth Edition
Kenneth S. Broun, Frank D. Rothschild
ISBN: 9781601569912

Charles Shrackle's truck struck and killed Katherine Potter as she crossed the street in Nita City. In the wrongful death action brought by her estate, the plaintiff claims Shrackle failed to yield to Katherine as she crossed in the crosswalk. Shrackle claims that Mrs. Potter stepped out in front of his truck from the median, well away from the crosswalk. Conflicting eyewitnesses support both versions of the accident. 

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