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Federal Income Taxation, Nineteenth Edition

  • Joseph Bankman
  • Daniel N. Shaviro
  • Kirk J. Stark
  • Erin A. Scharff
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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The 19th Edition of Federal Income Taxation (authored by Joe Bankman, Dan Shaviro, Kirk Stark, and Erin Scharff) is the updated 2023 version of the classic casebook for law school classes in federal income taxation originally authored by Boris Bittker of Yale Law School.
Integrating theory and policy in an accessible format, the sterling author team of Federal Income Taxation imbues its subject with historical, economic, policy, and international perspective. Problems integrated throughout the text bridge the gap between theory and practice. Each edition of this renowned text builds on and adds to the strengths of its predecessors.

New to the 19th Edition:

  • Updated to reflect recent legislative and regulatory developments in the tax field
  • New materials relating to race and the federal income tax
  • New discussion and reorganization of materials on Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, integrating with material on tax progressivity
  • New materials included, including recent Private Letter Ruling, on medical expenses deduction for costs relating to IVF procedures, gestational surrogacy
  • Inclusion of classic Supreme Court case, Squire v. Capoeman (1956), relating to taxation of income of Native American taxpayer derived from activities on tribal land

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Notes, problems, and graphs make challenging material accessible
  • The highest integration of economics and policy analysis
  • A terrific teacher's manual with teaching notes on every case and concept
  • Great pedigree and authorship: Original authors Boris Bittker and William A. Klein were eminent authorities (with beautiful writing styles). Bankman, Shaviro, Stark, and Scharff are among today's leading tax scholars
  • Even with all the new material, it is still one of the shortest books around making it easy to teach from
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Nineteenth Edition
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Taxation, Federal Income
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