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Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and Problems, Eighth Edition

  • Elizabeth Warren
  • Jay Lawrence Westbrook
  • Katherine Porter
  • John Pottow
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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One of the leading casebooks in the field, The Law of Debtors and Creditors features 39 problem sets with realistic questions a lawyer considers in managing a bankruptcy case. It also challenges the students with the major policy and theoretical questions in the field. The text features a functional organization as a bankruptcy case would unfold. The focus is on teaching through the realistic problems, complete with ethical difficulties embedded into the fact patterns. The presentation is lively and colloquial. Explanatory text throughout makes bankruptcy law accessible to students and easier to teach. Because it divides the subject between consumer and business bankruptcy, professors can select the depth of coverage for each subject in designing a two-, three-, or four-credit class. The authors—Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Katie Porter, and Professors Pottow (Michigan) and Westbrook (Texas)—are among the most prominent in the field. Uniquely comprehensive Teacher’s Manual—chock full of material on how to design class around the problem sets, citations to new cases and literature, and suggestions for steering class discussion.

New to the Eighth Edition:

  • The emergence of a whole new form of chapter 11 bankruptcy, the Small Business Reorganization Act in subchapter V, just as the Covid19 crisis exploded
  • The impact of recent Supreme Court decisions, including Jevic, Merit Management, Midland Funding, and Wellness
  • New cases and issues since the Seventh Edition
  • Updated materials on § 363 sales
  • Incorporation of discussion of ABI Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy Reform
  • A number of interesting new problems

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Separation of consumer bankruptcy from business bankruptcy—professors can select the depth of coverage for each subject
  • Lively explanatory text—makes bankruptcy law accessible to students and easier to teach
  • Engagement of current events and economic trends
  • Discussion of many recent cases
  • 39 problem sets—featuring the realistic questions a lawyerconsiders in applying the statutory provisions in a bankruptcycase
  • Substantial discussion of the ethical questions that arise in bankruptcy practice, and including ethical issues in the problems students must solve
  • Functional organization—as a bankruptcy case would unfold rather than using some artificial paradigm
  • Chapters specifically devoted to bankruptcy theory (consumer and business), to international insolvencies, and to important ethics issuein the consumer and business contexts
  • Problem sets designed to combine doctrinal, transactional, and theoretical issues
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Bankruptcy and Debtor/Creditor Law
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