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Connecting Ethics and Practice: A Lawyer's Guide to Professional Responsibility, Third Edition

  • Katerina P. Lewinbuk
Series / Aspen Coursebook Series
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In Connecting Ethics and Practice: A Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Responsibility, Third Edition, the author explains the legal, professional, and ethical constraints that regulate attorneys while keeping the modern law professor and student in mind. Contemporary cases and articles are used to provide for an easier understanding of the Model Rules and Judicial Cannons, which assists in preparing for law school exams and the MPRE. The author employs a user-friendly coursebook format organized in a logical manner while achieving a realistic and manageable length. Mind maps are provided with every chapter to help students visualize and remember selected rules, and discussion questions are used to allow the students to fully comprehend and digest the reading, while also demonstrating real-life struggles most lawyer face at some point in their careers. Based on the unique format, students systematically cover all important aspects of the legal journey from law school to the legal profession.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Revised chapters contain contemporary cases, discussions, and studies
  • Updated Model Rule 7 (Advertising)
  • Scholarship throughout the book (in Chs. 1, 4, 10, 12, and 14) has been updated to include more recent and engaging articles
  • New cases:
    • Ch. 7: Federico v. Lincoln Military Hous., LLC
    • Ch. 10: In re Discipline of Hale
    • Ch. 11: People v. Maynard
    • Ch. 12: Bennett v. Hill-Boren, P.C.

Benefits for instructors and students:

  • The easy-to-follow logical sequence of all relevant rules are clearly articulated at the beginning of the book and then reiterated accordingly in every chapter
  • The structured material is well-suited for a new or experienced professor
  • Chapters are based on quality readings as opposed to quantity
  • Engaging, realistic examples exhibit how each Rule relates to practice
  • Simple, consistent organization of each chapter offers a clear and logical layout, allowing for ease of use and teaching throughout
  • Chapter introductions begin with concise explanations of the applicable Rules to be discussed
  • Readings are controversial, contemporary, and thought-provoking
  • Flexible organization allows for the material to be adapted to meet the individual needs of each class; professors can use as much or as little guidance as needed, and the material can be adjusted for a 2- or 3-credit course
  • Discussion questions at the end of each reading, as well as at the end of each chapter, encourage colorful and lively dialogue and participation (which can be used in detail if time permits, or just used for student understanding of the material for class preparation)
  • Table of Model Rules with applicable page numbers provide easy reference
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About the authors
Katerina P. Lewinbuk
South Texas College of Law Houston

Katerina Lewinbuk is Professor of Law at the South Texas College of Law Houston. Prior to that, she taught at DePaul College of Law and School of Commerce in Chicago, Illinois, and was an Associate Attorney at the law firms of Baker & McKenzie and Hinshaw & Culbertson. On top of having numerous published articles, in 2023 the Third Edition of her course book &"iConnecting Ethics & Practice: A Lawyers Guide to Professional Responsibilityi” (Aspen Publishing) hit the shelves. Professor Lewinbuk is the current Chair of The Mindfulness Resource Group for the Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS). She was chosen as one of just six professors in different disciplines to participate in the inaugural Texas Project for Human Rights Education at Southern Methodist University (faculty fellowship). Professor is a double-Fulbright Senior Specialist grant recipient, and she has further taken her talents abroad by teaching and presenting in different law schools in Ireland, Turkey, and United Kingdom, just to name a few. Professor Lewinbuk has also served as Program Director and taught at the International Law Institute in Washington, D.C. She is licensed to practice law in Illinois, Texas, and in the District of Columbia. Additionally, Professor Lewinbuk is fluent in both English and Russian.

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