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International Civil Litigation in United States Courts, Seventh Edition

  • Gary B. Born
  • Peter B. Rutledge
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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International Civil Litigation in United States Courts, by Gary B. Born and Peter B. Rutledge, is the essential, comprehensive law school text for the current and future international litigator, whether based in the United States, Europe, or elsewhere.


Examining every topic discussed in competing texts with extensive narrative, unparalleled notes, and detailed citations, this book covers the gamut of international dispute resolution, whether judicial jurisdiction, sovereign immunity, extraterritoriality, conflicts of law, parallel proceedings, discovery disputes, service, judgment enforcement, and international arbitration. This Seventh Edition includes excerpts and updated discussions of recent U.S. court decisions and legislation relating to a wide range of private and public international law topics.

,p>New to the Seventh Edition:  
  •     Latest developments in litigation under the Alien Tort Statute and the Torture Victim Protection Act
  •     Latest developments in sovereign immunity law following several landmark Supreme Court decisions
  •     Latest developments regarding the extraterritorial application of federal law following several landmark Supreme Court decisions
  •     Critical examination of the new Restatement (Fourth) of the Foreign Relations of the United States
  •     Up-to-date citation and review of the most current academic legal scholarship in the field

Professors and students will benefit from:
  •     Detailed notes with easy-to-use questions for discussion and legal analysis
  •     Comprehensive discussion of international dispute resolution, including international arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution outside of litigation in national courts
  •     Comparative foreign treatment of selected issues of international civil procedure
  •     Extensive notes and up-to-date citations that ensure the book has enduring value long after a course has ended, and it becomes a resource for practitioners seeking to research the field
  •     Documentary Supplement
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About the authors
Gary B. Born

strongEducation:strongJ.D., emsumma cum laudeem, University of Pennsylvania Law SchoolB.A., emsumma cum laudeem, Haverford College strongBackground:strongGary B. Born is the world’s leading authority on international commercial arbitration and international litigation. He is the author of numerous works on these subjects, including emInternational Arbitration and Forum Selection Agreements: Drafting and Enforcingem (5th ed. 2016), emInternational Arbitration: Cases and Materialsem (2d ed. 2015), emInternational Arbitration: Law and Practiceem (2d ed. 2015), emInternational Commercial Arbitrationem (2d ed. 2014), and emInternational Commercial Arbitration: Commentary and Materialsem (2d ed. 2001). Mr. Born has been practicing for over three decades in the fields of international arbitration and litigation in the United States, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

Peter B. Rutledge
University of Georgia School of Law

Peter B. Rutledge is the Dean of the University of Georgia School of Law where he also holds the Herman E. Talmadge Chair of Law. He is the author of the book emArbitration and the Constitutionem (2012) and over forty academic articles on fields including international civil litigation, international arbitration, and dispute resolution.

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International Law and Foreign Relations
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