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Examples & Explanations for Professional Responsibility, Seventh Edition

  • W. Bradley Wendel
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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The Seventh Edition of Examples & Explanations for Professional Responsibility is a thorough and comprehensive text that can be used by students as a study aid and by professional responsibility teachers as a class text. It covers the whole field of professional responsibility, focusing not only on the ABA Model Rules, but on the often-complex relationship between the rules and doctrines of agency, tort, contract, evidence, and constitutional law.

Beginning with the formation of the attorney-client relationship, the book proceeds through topics including attorney's fees, malpractice and ineffective assistance of counsel, confidentiality and privilege rules, conflicts of interest, witness perjury and litigation misconduct, advertising and solicitation, admission to practice, and the organization of the legal profession. Coverage includes all subjects that are tested on the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), including judicial ethics, a subject tested on the MPRE and not often covered thoroughly, if at all, in law school professional responsibility courses; the ABA's simplification of the rules on advertising and solicitation; Model Rule 8.4(g) on discrimination in the practice of law; the California Supreme Court's Sheppard Mullin opinion on advance waivers of conflicts, and continuing developments in the impact of technology on the practice of law.

New to the Seventh Edition:

  • Expanded coverage of developments in the law having to do with lawyering, including ABA rules, ethics opinions, and cases
  • New and revised examples and explanations in many chapters
  • Top-to-bottom comprehensive revision and updates of all areas of professional responsibility, with attention to areas that are particularly challenging for students (as well as many practicing lawyers!), such as conflicts of interest and privilege and confidentiality 
Professors and students will benefit from:
  • A study aid that, without "teaching to the test," provides students with thorough preparation for the MPRE, which is the first licensing exam that many law students take
  • MPRE-style multiple-choice questions in the Examples
  • The depth and sophistication of the coverage 
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