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Examples & Explanations for Payment Systems, Fifth Edition

  • James A. Brook
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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A favorite among successful students, and often recommended by professors, the unique Examples & Explanations series gives you extremely clear introductions to concepts followed by realistic examples that mirror those presented in the classroom throughout the semester. Use at the beginning and midway through the semester to deepen your understanding through clear explanations, corresponding hypothetical fact patterns, and analysis. Then use to study for finals by reviewing the hypotheticals as well as the structure and reasoning behind the accompanying analysis. Designed to complement your casebook, the trusted Examples & Explanations titles get right to the point in a conversational, often humorous style that helps you learn the material each step of the way and prepare for the exam at the end of the course.

The unique, time-tested Examples & Explanations series is invaluable to teach yourself the subject from the first day of class until your last review before the final. Each guide:

  • helps you learn new material by working through chapters that explain each topic in simple language
  • challenges your understanding with hypotheticals similar to those presented in class
  • provides valuable opportunity to study for the final by reviewing the hypotheticals as well as the structure and reasoning behind the corresponding analysis
  • quickly gets to the point in conversational style laced with humor
  • remains a favorite among law school students
  • is often recommended by professors who encourage the use of study guides
  • works with ALL the major casebooks, suits any class on a given topic
  • provides an alternative perspective to help you understand your casebook and in-class lectures
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About the authors
James Brook
New York Law School

After graduating cum laude from Harvard Law School in 1972, Professor Brook joined a general corporate practice firm in Boston. In 1975, he was awarded a Bigelow Teaching Fellowship at the University of Chicago Law School and found teaching law students the art of research and legal writing extremely rewarding. Offered a position at New York Law School in 1976, he came to New York, a city in which he had always wanted to live, to use his legal training in a way he had always found most personally rewarding mdash; teaching. Professor Brookrsquo;s field is commercial law, and it is his first-year classes that he consistently finds most interesting and challenging. About 10 years ago, Professor Brook began writing the first of his three very successful ldquo;Examples and Explanationsrdquo; books for Aspen Publishers on three major areas of law: secured transactions, payment systems, and sales and leases. His first book, A Lawyerrsquo;s Guide to Probability and Statistics (Carswell, 1990), utilized his math backgroundmdash;he was a Phi Beta Kappa math major at Harvardmdash;to shed some light on a field where a great deal of fact-finding and proof in litigation is based on probability and statistics. A 1981ndash;82 Finkelstein Fellow at Columbia Law School, where he pursued studies in the area of probability and statistics and the law, he received his LL.M. from Columbia in 1983. Professor Brookrsquo;s ldquo;Examples and Explanationsrdquo; books, which he updates approximately every three years, rely on his colloquial and humorous style of writing and teaching, a style that he maintains makes commercial law far more accessible and less intimidating than it might otherwise be. His most recent addition to the collection is Secured Transactions: Examples Explanations, Fourth Edition (Aspen Publishers, 2008).

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Fifth Edition
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Commercial Law
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