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Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress, Fifth Edition

  • John C. P. Goldberg
  • Leslie Kendrick
  • Anthony J. Sebok
  • Benjamin C. Zipursky
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress presents tort law as a complex but coherent subject. The authors have arranged the materials to be both highly sophisticated and extremely user friendly. This book has been adopted at schools across the country and always receives high praise from faculty and students for its relevant, contemporary cases, extensive and informative notes, and its 500+ page, cradle-to-grave Teacher’s Manual. The Fifth Edition of Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress has been updated to reflect the very latest developments in tort law, including discussions of new developments in civil rights law (pertaining especially to excessive force claims against police), as well as public nuisance, toxic torts, and new draft provisions of the Third Restatement of Torts: Intentional Torts to Persons. The book also contains “Check Your Understanding,” “Big Think,” and “Did You Know?” text boxes designed to enable students to engage in self-assessment, along with a user-friendly page layout. A comprehensive set of high-quality PowerPoint slides covering all principal cases is also available to adopters.

New to the Fifth Edition:

  • Additional “Check Your Understanding,” “Big Think” and “Did you Know?” text boxes enable students to engage in self-assessment as they proceed through their Torts class
  • New materials on civil rights litigation, public nuisance, toxic torts and the Intentional Torts provisions of the Third Restatement.
  • User-friendly page layout features helpful photographs, illustrations, and original charts

Professors and student will benefit from:

  • Text and notes that are fully up to date on the latest developments in tort law, including new Restatement provisions and the latest decisions from state, federal, and foreign courts.
  • More than 15 years of overwhelmingly positive student and instructor feedback from law schools across the U.S. which demonstrate that Tort Law: Responsibilities and Redress is the most user-friendly Torts casebook on the market.
  • The book is completely contemporary. Classic tort cases are included but, emphasis is placed on modern cases and modern issues that demonstrate tort law’s continued importance and relevance.
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Tort Law
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