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Property, Tenth Edition

  • Jesse Dukeminier
  • James E. Krier
  • Gregory S. Alexander
  • Michael S. Schill
  • Lior Jacob Strahilevitz
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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Jesse Dukeminier’s trademark wit, passion, and human interest perspective has made Property, now in its Tenth Edition, one of the best—and best loved—casebooks of all time. A unique blend of authority and good humor, you’ll find a moveable feast of visual interest, compelling cases, and timely coverage of contemporary issues. In the Tenth Edition, the authors have created a thoughtful and thorough revision, true to the spirit of the classic Property text.

New to the Tenth Edition:

  • Newly unearthed American case law on litigation over wild animals prior to Pierson v. Post (Chapter 1).
  • The addition of primary cases the Supreme Court decided in 2020 concerning statutory annotations (Chapter 3).
  • A new case added to the life estate section and a new recent case on defeasible fees (Chapter 4).
  • A new primary case on whether landlords can be liable for tenant-on-tenant harassment under the Fair Housing Act, expanded coverage of anti-discrimination law, problems with eviction proceedings, COVID-19 eviction moratoria at the federal and state levels, rent control, and the section 8 program (Chapter 7).
  • Completely rewritten Chapter 8 with new cases added on reverse redlining and purchase money mortgage.
  • A new primary case on the effects of improper along with a new discussion of the comparative virtues of rectangular parcels versus irregular metes-and-bounds parcels (Chapter 9).
  • New cases on easements by estoppel; termination of covenants; the Virginia Lee statue case; new material added in the notes to reflect recent developments (e.g., Uniform Easement Relocation Act, SCOTUS decision in Cow River Preservation) (Chapter 11).
  • New notes on recent moves to end single family zoning; new important case on aesthetic zoning (Chapter 12).
  • A re-organized Chapter 13 including a new extended introduction to the police power cases preceding Hadacheck and running through Cedar Point Nursery, a new primary case from 2021; Tahoe-Sierra replaces Murr v. Wisconsin as a primary case; new coverage of cases involving Hurricane-related floods that the government failed to prevent; revised discussion of ripeness doctrine to reflect Knick v. Township of Scott; expanded discussion of doctrine concerning government decisions to make personal property contraband; and takings litigation over state and federal bans on bump stocks.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • Retains the late Jesse Dukeminier’s unique blend of wit, erudition, insight, and playfulness.
  • A dynamic casebook, encompassing cases, text, questions, problems, visual illustrations, and examples.
  • Modular organization makes the book highly adaptable to a range of syllabi.
  • Inclusive coverage runs the full range of property topics, including in-depth treatments of estates and future interests, servitudes, and land-use controls.
  • Authors employ an accessible “economic lens” as a tool for thinking critically about property law.
  • Extensive research into the backstories of many primary cases, yielding insights that are useful for teaching and understanding the legal landmarks
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Property Law
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