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An Introduction to the American Legal System, Sixth Edition

  • John M. Scheb
  • Hemant Sharma
Series / Aspen Paralegal Series
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Lively and Engaging, An Introduction to the American Legal System Speaks to a Broad Spectrum of Students as It Informs Them about Contemporary Legal Issues That Directly Impact Their Lives, Law, Courts, and Liberties. 

The Sixth Edition of An Introduction to the American Legal System provides both historical context and thoroughly up-to-date coverage of all aspects of American law and the legal system. Vivid examples, on-point case summaries, and hot-button issues make this text an obvious choice for paralegal, criminal justice, political science, prelaw, or legal studies courses. 

New to the Sixth Edition:  

  • Emphasis on recent decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, such as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022), that have an impact on public policy and questions of constitutional interpretation, the importance of precedent, and the role of the Court in the constitutional system 
  • Added discussions of the debate surrounding the meaning of the Second Amendment, with particular attention paid to the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen 
  • Additional current and engaging content throughout the book to help students connect the legal issues in the text with interesting real-world applications 
  • Expanded coverage of free speech rights in high school and college settings
  • Analysis of numerous Supreme Court decisions concerning civil rights and liberties through the 2021–2022 term 

Professors and students will benefit from: 

  • A comprehensive overview of the history and structure of the American legal system, supported by real-life examples 
  • Contemporary topical coverage of constitutional issues, torts, property law, contracts and business law, family law, legislation, and administrative law 
  • Cases in Point that concisely illustrate how the law applies in the real world 
  • Questions for discussion in every chapter that point to high-interest issues for debate 
  • A well-crafted pedagogical design that includes learning objectives and chapter outlines 
  • A four-part structure easily grasped by students: Foundations of the Legal System, Public Law, Private Law, and the Legal Process 
  • Clear and accessible writing 
  • A comprehensive glossary of legal terms
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