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Legal Interviewing: Analytics and Exercises, Version 1, Guardianship Client, First Edition

  • Cristina C. Tilley
Series / NITA
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The unique design of this program provides participants with hands-on experience by presenting materials for two hypothetical legal matters: Dashwood, a civil case involving an elderly woman’s independence; and Moore, a criminal case involving a young African-American woman accused of shoplifting. To create the interactive experience, participants receive one of two versions: Materials for A’s or Materials for B’s. Both versions include Part One: Interviewing Theory. Part Two of the A’s version contains the attorney materials for Dashwood and the interviewee materials for Moore; the B’s version contains the attorney materials for Moore and the interviewee materials for Dashwood. The participants experience hands-on learning as Group A interviews Group B, and Group B in turn interviews Group A. These interview exercises coordinate with the book chapters, guiding participants through each the stage of the interviewing process.
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