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Examples & Explanations for International Law, Third Edition

  • Valerie Epps
  • Lorie Graham
  • Daniel Rietiker
  • Amy B. Van Zyl-Chavarro
Series / Examples & Explanations Series
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Beginning with an introduction to the main principles and sources of international law, this study aid uses E&E pedagogy as it moves on to cover specific areas of international law, covering a wide array of topics from human rights and extradition, to the law of the sea and the laws of war. From start to finish this concise paperback offers a succinct but comprehensive overview of public international law.

New to the Third Edition:

  • Meticulously updated by the authors and containing analysis of a number of new important legal developments at the international and regional level, such as those arising from the war in Ukraine and efforts to limit the threat of nuclear weapons

Benefits for instructors and students:

  • Text materials clarify essentials of international law
  • Explains the status of various actors operative in international law
  • Analyzes international dispute settlement and limits on national jurisdiction
  • Examples provide complex questions modeled on real-world problems
  • Explanations answer questions and provide careful analysis
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Third Edition
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International Law and Foreign Relations
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