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The First Amendment, Third Edition

  • Erwin Chemerinsky
Series / Aspen Casebook Series
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From the same author of the highly successful Constitutional Law, Seventh Edition, a leading casebook in the field, The First Amendment by Erwin Chemerinsky provides a comprehensive and accessible review of speech and religion jurisprudence under the First Amendment (Chapters 9 and 10 of Constitutional Law, Seventh Edition). With its concise, yet comprehensive presentation, The First Amendment presents the law solely through case excerpts and the author’s own essays, which make the law more readily understood through context and background information. The text’s flexible organization accommodates a variety of course structures so that no chapter assumes that students have read preceding material.

New to the Third Edition:
New cases:
  • City of Austin, Texas v. Reagan National Advertising of Texas (the distinction between content-based and content-neutral laws)
  • 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis (compelled speech)
  • Counterman v. Colorado (true threats)
  • Mahanoy Area School District v. B.L. (speech in authoritarian environments)
  • Fulton v. City of Philadelphia; Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo; and Tandon v. Newsom (the Free Exercise Clause)
  • Kennedy v. Bremerton School District (religion as a part of government activities)
Benefits for instructors and students:
  • Concise, yet comprehensive presentation
  • Annual case supplement
  • Leading text by a prominent scholar
  • Flexible organization—no chapter assumes students have read other chapters, which allows for a variety of course lengths and structures
  • Distinctive approach using only case excerpts and author’s own essays
  • Context and background material to make the law more readily understood
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First Amendment
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